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Bill Maher
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On 15 Feb. 2013, asteroid 2012 DA14 will make a record approach to our planet

LIVE NOW...   

*Live Event Click Here*     

*Join the live commentary with Bellatrix Asronomical acclaimed scientific staff Here*

*2nd LIVE Stream from* 

Clay Center Observatory Space Camera

Other Great Viewing options:

*Slooh Space Camera*

*JPL NASA (Jet Propulsion Lab)*

*NASA's Marshal Space Center*

*NASA LIVE 24/7*

There should be no risk for our planet, just a very spectacular event!


This rock, with a diameter around 50 meters, 150 feet, half the size of a Football field and an estimated mass of 130.000 tons, will make the closest approach we can predict so far in the future, considering the whole asteroids known to date.


We are proud to offer you a chance to see this asteroid in real time, online, for free. On Feb 15, at 17:00 Universal Time, 9am PST, we will broadcast live images through the web, with the live commentary of Bellatrix Astronomical acclaimed scientific staff here.

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